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How to choose right Inverter and Battery for your Home or Office

Buying Guide For Best Inverter and Battery

(1). Square Type Inverter

Square type inverters used to run earlier. They are a bit cheap and are still available today and are perfect for lights and fans. But you cannot run appliances from it at all, especially today's appliances like inverter refrigerators.

There is also a slight noise from these inverters and they do not turn on immediately after the light goes off, that is, it takes 1 or 2 seconds to start. In the gap between these 1 or 2 seconds, your appliances like laptop and computer will also be closed.

(2). Sine Wave Inverter

The second and most popular are sine wave inverters. These are a bit expensive than square type inverters but can run off lights, fans and appliances everything specially this inverter is the perfect inverter for refrigerator.

And yes, there is little or no sound in them and after going off the light from them, you will get electricity immediately without any delay. And it will work like a UPS and it is absolutely the best inverter for your computer and laptop.

(3). Type of Inverter

Now let's talk about type of inverter

If you do not want more backup from inverter and there is little light in your area then you take a 12 volt inverter and if you need more backup and more light goes in your area and for longer hours then you should use 24 volt inverter Have to take it.

The inverter only transmits the power supply to the battery to charge it and from the battery to give you the power supply in your home.

(4). Types of Battery

Along with inverters, it is very important for us to know about the battery, so there are usually two types of batteries.

The first of these is the flat plate battery. This battery is a bit cheap. It is an easy to maintain battery and its size is also a bit small. And you take it only when the light does not go on for more duration in your house but it goes on again and again. This is because these batteries charge very quickly.

The second type of batteries are Tubular Batteries. It is a little bigger in size and a little more expensive. You also get more warranty in this and it also takes a lot of time to charge. With this, you can take it when there is a power outage in your house for a very long time but not frequently so that you can get power backup for long duration.

(5). Efficiency of The Inverter

No inverter ever works at hundred percent efficiency.

In simple words, it means that the amount of power it will take to charge the battery, it will not give the same power output i.e. power supply in your home.

If an inverter is working at 75% efficiency and it inputs 500W then it will give you 375W output.

It means the power supply you will get in your house will be 375W. That too after charging the 500W battery.

(6). Jerk Load

This is one point that none of us consider and that is most important and that is the jerk load.

Jerk Load is 25% i.e. if you want output 500W including your lights and all the appliance then you have to add 25% to it and then output 625W from your inverter.

(7). Inverter and Battery Combination

Many people complain that their inverter does not back up even for 1 hour and they do not even run many lights and appliances during that time.

This problem is not with their inverter, it is in the combination of their inverter and battery. See what a right inverter will back up to you with a right battery.

In this example we have taken 500 watt output which we need from our inverter and after adding jerk load it becomes 620 watt output.

If we put 100Ah battery with our 12V inverter, then for 625W we will get a backup of 1 hr 55 min. Now if we use 150Ah battery, then we will get 2 hr 52 min backup and if we use 250Ah battery then we will get 3 hr 50 min backup.

Remember that this is a backup of 625 watts, which is actually giving you a 500 watt supply. If you keep the appliances running low and the lights on, then this duration will keep increasing.

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